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Mask Up Pro is an Australian owned and operated start-up innovation company that is focused on implementing groundbreaking designs of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for commercial and industrial usage all around the world.
We have 3 major masks, with our most celebrated patented design being the Saturn (MX888) mask -A fully transparent mask that allows easy breathing with a 360-degree airflow filter, utilizing N99+ filtration infused with eucalyptus oil.
The beauty about this design - unlike anything else currently on the market is that it requires no mechanical or power assisted attachments.
The fully transparent material of the mask allows facial recognition whilst out in public, security sensitive areas, smart phones and other devices utilizing this security protocol.
Our masks are an investment for consumers given the ability for them to be reused, by simply cleaning them in a mild detergent and warm water.
The Mask Up Pro team have finished the product development and design phase of our project, with 3 prototype iterations completed we are now ready supply the world market with the finest protection available.

Our Team



Alex Coma | CEO & Founder 

Alex is renowned for his many years of experience as an entrepreneur/inventor.

In having extensively trained and studied in Research & Development, leading over six thousand members in his senior management role as an Occupational Health & Safety Officer (associated particularly in masks and filtration systems) as well as design, manufacturing and production.

Alex's efforts have been tireless in order to not only create but to perfect this world's first patented transparent mask.


Hani Abbas | CTO 

RMIT Graduate: Masters in Electronic Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Science and a Bachelor of Information Technology. 10 years as the Founder and CEO of an IT networking company in Melbourne, Australia. Developed protocol for efficient computer assembling and product testing techniques in Melbourne 


Alexander Simmons | CMO & Team Leader 

Alexander, mainly known for his success within the Real Estate industry is a hard worker by heart & driven leader. Alexander has earnt the role as Chief Marketing Officer & Sales Team Leader due his high level of knowledge, strategies and expertise. Alexander believes that Mask Up Pro, with a good foundation, strong goals and an excellent team will be highly successful. 


Michael Abbas | COO 

Bachelor of Software Engineering at RMIT university in Australia. Michael has extensive experience managing an IT based team management within the finance sector. Michael currently oversees all of Mask Up Pro’s ongoing operations and procedures and is responsible for driving the Mask Up Pro team to achieve their business goals and objectives.


Sasan Valeie | Project Manager 

The majority of Sasan’s experience was gained while working with Worley parsons Engineering as a project manager alongside the Engineers. Sasan moved into the technical field of designs and improvements where he used CAD drawings and designs to achieve the satisfaction of his customers


Catherine Emanuel | Global Sales Executive 

A former student of UNISA studying in psychology and communications. Skills in global strategic marketing, high level corporate business brokerage. Facilitating products from South Africa and other African regions to international markets. A passionate and motivated individual with success and a can do attitude. 

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