MX888 Saturn Maintenance

Assembly Instructions   |   Cleaning Instructions

Please find below a visual & text instruction sheet on how to assemble your MX888 Saturn mask, fit your N99 filter & also how to clean your mask safely. 


MX888 Saturn Mask Assembly & Cleaning Instructions


MX888 Saturn | Product Link

MX888 Saturn | N99+ Clear Face Mask, Replaceable Filters, Reusable, Anti-Fog

The World's First Certified & Patented Transparent Face Mask with Interchangeable N99+ Filters, Reusable & Offers Elite Level Protection.


Antibac Nasal Plugs | Product Link

45x Antibac Nasal Plugs | Transparent, Eucalyptus Infused Filters, Wear Under Your Mask

Antibac Nasal Plugs Are The Perfect Addition To Your Face Mask  Transparent Nasal Plugs Wear Under Your Mask For Easy Breathing, Wear Under Mask For Extra Protection.


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