10 Reasons | Why Saturn?

Covid-19 | Best Protection

  1.  Filters out up to 99.97% of particles, that's practically everything! 

  2.  Save money, stop buying throw away masks.

  3.  Interchangeable filters are disposable & easy to replace. 

  4.  Transparency assists the hearing impaired significantly.

  5.  Double-layer silicone cushioning feel provides soft comfort.

  6.  Certified FFP3, the only class suited for virus & bacteria protection.

  7.  Our mask receives a lot of attention when worn, prepare to make new friends.

  8.  Easy cleaning, durable, lightweight, earth-friendly

  9.  Combine our Saturn mask & nasal plugs together to achieve N100 filtration! Now that's innovation!

  10.  Permanent Anti-Fog, a permanent implementation means you'll   never need to use spray on solutions, our Anti-fog lasts for the   entire life of the mask. 

For ultimate protection please combine our Antibac Nasal Plugs with your Saturn mask.

Purchase your Saturn mask now & receive 5 replaceable filters FREE as a thank you gift!