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MX888 Saturn | N99+ Clear Face Mask, Replaceable Filters, Reusable, Anti-Fog

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MX888 Saturn | #1 Mask

The World's First Certified Transparent Face Mask | N99+

With over 5 certifications under it's belt, the superior MX888 Saturn mask is certified & approved for all including medical professionals, frontline workers, kids, teens through to adults, we've got everybody covered!

The MX888 Saturn is not just any face mask, it's not just sleek & attractive visually, the MX888 Saturn is the ultimate reusable clear mask equipped with features beyond belief. 


  •  Certified FFP3 Class 1 Medical Device
  •  99.97% Filtration 
  •  360° Filter Allows For Even Airflow Distribution
  •  Five Layers Of Elite Protection
  •  Reusable For Up To 1 Year
  •  Lightweight, Comfortable & Durable
  •  Replaceable Eucalyptus Infused Filters
  •  Adjustable Silicone Ear Loops 
  •  FDA, CE, ISO, SGS Certified And Approved
  •  Recognized As The Best Face Mask In The World



No face shield is on this level!

The new design 5-layer N99+ filter boasts extremely powerful performance. Our 360-degree one-piece melt blown filter provides up to 99.97% filtration down to a tiny 0.3 microns.

General public safety confidence rises significantly, you can even unlock your smartphone with face recognition whilst wearing the MX888 Saturn.


Impressive? Furthermore the MX888 Saturn has interchangeable filters, the replaceable filters allow the mask to be reusable, simply throw away the used filter after 3-7 days & replace with another.

Maintenance is simple, it is very easy to wash the mask, fast and easy to replace the filter, allowing you to continuously reuse the same mask over and over. It is recommended to recycle the MX888 Saturn after approximately 12 months, depending on usage. 

That's not all! Anti-Fog coating has been implemented into the MX888 Saturn, the anti-fog coating is of the highest standard, permanent implementation means you'll never need to use spray on solutions, our Anti-fog lasts for the entire life of the mask. 

The MX888 Saturn provides confidence to the people knowing they can see who they are interacting with, leaving the entire face & smile exposed.

The mask will not irritate a sensitive face, adjustable ear straps will allow you to customize the fitment of the mask to your desired tension.

3 different sizes, will suit majority of face profiles.

Small (Kids, Teen, Small Adult)  


Medium (Teen, Small Adult, Adult)  


Large (Large Teen, Adult)  


The MX888 Saturn sets a new standard of protection & is recognized by it's certifiers as the best mask in the world. It is the first generation Saturn mask from Mask Up Pro and is now in full production. We encourage you to take advantage of protecting yourself with the best face mask in the world, The MX888 Saturn by Mask Up Pro.